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401(k)/403(b)/Other Retirement Plans

One important benefit that employees want from their job is to have access to a good retirement plan so that they can save for the future. As a business owner, how are you handling your retirement administration? Some businesses think that they can handle retirement details in-house, but this situation results in many headaches and difficulties because of the tedious administrative tasks.

A better solution is to hire a financial expert to help with retirement plan administration. Your employees will love the benefits that are offered. At the same time, you will be relieved that you don’t have to deal with the administrative tasks required for retirement plans.

Attract Good Talent with the Right Retirement Plans

If you want to bring in the right talent for your company, then you need to consider the quality of the benefits package that is offered.

We can help you design and implement:

  • A plan where total combined fees (Third Party Administrator, Record-keeping, Expense Ratio of funds, and Advisory Fees) are less than 1%.
  • A plan with one of the lowest investment fees out there (0.04% - 0.20%).
  • A plan where the employees can benefit from financial education sessions with a dedicated advisor, at no additional cost.
  • A plan with "Self-Directed" and/or "Open Architecture" options, in order to increase investment availability and reduce cost.

Choosing the right retirement plan for your employees can be difficult. A good financial professional can help you make the tough decisions. We can help you compare your options (401(k), 403(b), Simple 401(k), Profit-sharing, S.E.P. IRA, Simple IRA, to determine the best solution for your company and employees.

We always act as fiduciaries to your plan participants while maintaining their best interests in any recommendation we make.

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